Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deep Freeze

Today is much colder than was these past days and quite possibly the start of our Iowa 10 day Deep Freeze.
It seems Iowa always gets at least 10 days straight every winter of below zero temps. Every house has white smoke coming from it's rooftop furnace pipe. When we were kids we all used to go to the ponds and take along a snow shovel and make clearing the ice to skate on. We would make fires where possible in weather such as this. If we didn't we would of surely gotten frostbite, and some of us did. Toes, fingers, noses. At any rate this is

always a good time to think about the beautiful spring an summer weather in the Midwest. I have always been thankful for living in a four season climate area of the United States. Bitter cold, and snowy as the winters are, they also bring with them a silent since of serenity and peace. Something man didn't create but God in His own nature wills. Spring will be here before all know it.