Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Freezing Cold!!

Welp, I am feeling more like a weather man these days. I know it is on everyones minds about the length and severity of this winter, and what impact it might have on our spring. The cost of snow removal, application of salt on the roads, not the mention of the average cost to just heat your home. Oh can't forget about added wear an tear on the furnace either. Also the potholes around here are getting ferocious. Still got to just say "One Day At a Time"...and count those Blessings. February 25th tells me that it just can't last much longer, and that is very comforting.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

SnowFall year to date in Iowa!

I heard something on the local news about snowfall year to date for Iowa. We are at about 63.3 inches for the winter season 2009-2010. I did a little checking around and found that, although it is not a record amount that we are in third place and with a few more inches could beat out second place. This Sunday we expect to get just that. So winter is hanging on a bit this year. I am betting on a very wet spring. As fast as winter come, I believe it is going to disappear just as fast. We will be left with large amounts of water. I just love-it. Let the snow fly, let the rivers rise, then let the sun come out and bake it all to cracked earth. As long as I stay sober one day at a time and trust in God, I will keep my peace. I can be concerned and do my part, whatever that might be, (I am still a part of this world), But I don't HAVE to drink over it, at it, with it, or because of it, or just to spite it! Thank God for another day of Sobriety.